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You Need To Protect Your Driver’s License. We Can Help.

Driving is an integral part of your life. You drive to work, to church, to your child’s school and to the grocery store. It’s hard to imagine life in Georgia without a driver’s license. But in Georgia, the court can suspend or revoke your driver’s license for a number of reasons.

At the Law Office of John W. Howe, we have the experience to protect your driver’s license from suspension or revocation, or to get it back as quickly as possible if the state has already taken your license. With 20 years of experience in civil and criminal law, our team knows the steps to take to resolve the issue that threatens your driving privileges.

Why Is The State Taking Away My License?

The state uses license suspension and revocation as punishment for various legal violations. These include:

Our lawyers can help you tackle the issues that prompted the state to take away your license. Then, we will work to restore it to you.

Arrested For DUI? You May Lose Your License

If a police officer arrests you for driving under the influence, your license may be suspended immediately. The officer can issue you a DS-1205 notice of suspension, which also serves as a temporary driving permit.

The Law Office of John W. Howe can represent you at your suspension hearing and help you obtain a hardship license. By revisiting the evidence against you, and possibly cross-examining the arresting officer, we can also get information to defend you against the criminal DUI charges that may follow.

Get Help From A Lawyer

The attorneys at the Law Office of John W. Howe can help you keep your license if the state is threatening to take it away. If your license has already been suspended, we can help you get it back as soon a possible. Schedule a consultation with our office in Carrollton today to speak with a lawyer. Call 770-783-7787, or send us an email.