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Were You Arrested For Drunk Driving In Georgia? We Can Help.

An arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia can be extremely stressful. You probably have many questions. What happens if I’m found guilty? Will I go to jail? Will I lose my license? Will I have to pay fines? How long will this be on my criminal record? What if I can’t get to work? What will I do?

The Law Office of John W. Howe in Carrollton, Georgia, provides experienced and aggressive defense against DUI charges. He understands your situation and that your future may feel uncertain right now. Remember, a DUI charge doesn’t necessarily mean a DUI conviction. Your DUI defense attorney works tirelessly to clear you of the charges or to get the charges reduced.

Attorney Howe’s experience with Georgia’s legal system gives you an edge in court. He is familiar with DUI cases and spends time with you, investigating your case, to design the best strategy for your situation.

Why Do I Need A DUI Defense Attorney?

First, you must remember that just because you were arrested, it doesn’t mean you are guilty. Getting a drunk driving defense attorney on your side as soon as possible is crucial in order to protect your rights and ensure you are treated fairly. Do not simply plead guilty to a DUI “just to get it over with.” With drunk driving penalties becoming more and more harsh in Georgia and across the United States, you cannot afford to take such a massive risk with your future.

After you are arrested for DUI, generally, your license is suspended. You only have 10 days to request a hearing to get it back. Your attorney can help you with this process, which is why it’s so important you hire one immediately. If you miss this hearing, your license is suspended for at least 30 days and potentially up to a year. A DUI defense lawyer helps you prepare for this hearing, argues on your behalf and investigates to see if any of your rights were violated during the arrest process. Attorney Howe always looks into your case and never assumes you are automatically guilty.

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